Technical Maintenance Programs


Your genset must be operational every minute.

You can be sure it will run. But you cannot be sure for other factors that affect your gensets’ operation because, maybe, the last mains failure was over a year ago.

The program was mainly created to guarantee 100% the normal operation of the genset and in addition to cover other needs such as service and periodic maintenance.
So, choose today one of the programs that fits your needs and enjoy the advantages by ensuring the readiness of your genset with the most economic way.



Schedules Readiness

With this unique program MAVROGENIS company offers you:

  • Guarantee Extension of genset normal operation by free of charge in work and 50% discount at the spare parts.
  • 24-hours call center technical support 365 days the year.
  • Immediate response to failures 365 days per year from specialized technician to your installation within 4 hours and most of the times much sooner.
  • Quick repair of the stand by source, that guarantees, even in extended failures, the full operation of the genset in maximum 24 hours.
  • Technical Periodic Maintenance of the genset 6 times per year by specialized technicians.
  • Free of charge Annual Engine Service of the genset and discount 15% at service parts.
  • You have the right cancel the program any time without any obligation or surcharge.

Chania Crete
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