Inspection & Testing

The current law (L. 4483/65) makes the replacement of the existing Regulation Internal Electrical Installations (K.E.I.E.) with Standard ELOT 60364 and to ensure and maintain the reliability and safety of electrical installations must be carried out initial inspection and testing, according to the technical requirements and methodology of the new Standard.

The original inspection must be made before the first power of each installation or after severe modification.

This testing should be performed at intervals, depending on the installation, as follows:

  • For homes and similar places at least once every fourteen (10) years
  • For indoor commercial areas without flammable materials at least every seven (5) years
  • In confined premises with flammable materials at least every two (2) years
  • For entertainment and public gathering at least every one (1) year
  • For professional installations outdoors (marinas, swimming pools, camping) at least every one (1) year in the event of interruption of power before reconnecting
  • For all the above categories if it appears use change Installation
  • For all the above categories if the facility affected by natural disasters (floods, earthquakes)
  • After serious accidents or incidents (fire, electric shock)
  • After termination of natural or legal persons

The initial inspection and testing the electrical installations shall be performed in accordance with the applicable provisions on monitoring electrical installations.

The company IOANNIS MAVROGENIS is able to carry the necessary equipment to control your electric installations as defined ELOT 60364 electrical installations and to prepare all the necessary documents.



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